The Ooty Trip

Wayanad – Bandipur highway is absolutely amazing!!!!

Bike riding is absolutely amazing. I dont have a bike.I have a scooter an Access 125 cc . Although I love my scooter. I have developed a craze for bike riding. And surely it was fueled by that ride to ooty with my high school friends. Wow!! What an experience was it !  And the sad part was I didnt know how to ride a bike.Poor Danish ! He had to ride 16 hours without breaks !! Literally a whole day ……

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The Neglected Mountain

This would have been a fire spitting mountain

Went to ponkunnu mala in the evening. Climbed the highest point. The view from there was worth the hardwork.
Continuous stream of fresh breeze blew across my body giving me an undescribable joy in my mind.
Below, the calicut city kept openend before us in a blurred view. The sea was visible but it smudged with the sky whose boundary was not well distinguishable.
I realized my fear of Tsunami was baseless. Or am I still Unaware of its power!!!!!!!!!!
This mountain is home for numerous rare species of birds, spiders and vegetations.

The path to the destination was not easy for us. Chicku kept on telling to quit the journey every half kilometers. He was tired. He was not like that few years ago.
It was really hard to cope up with his stamina during our childhood playtimes.
May be the hostel life and social media addiction changed him.